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08:15Registration and Breakfast
09:00The Journey To Continuous Delivery - Keynote - Dan North
10:15Forum: Defining exactly what agility means by Glenn BoweringData-Based Coaching Brings Humanness to Agile Teams - Bazil ArdenManual Testing is Dead. Long Live Manual Testing - Tony BruceIntroduction to Sociocracy 3.0 – Effective Collaboration at Any Scale - Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse“Bet on the Horse or the Jockey?” A Practical Approach to Founder and Idea Validation - Pawel Kaminski Alex Bolas
11:15The PO Skillset - Geoff WattsSwearing, Nudity and Other Vulnerable Positions - John Le DrewNeXtP - a revolution in software development - Nigel Runnels-MossCoaching Product Ownership for Unleashing Innovation - John Barratt Rickard Jones Christoforos NikitasThe Power of Emotional Agility – Embracing Change and Thriving in Work and Life - Portia Tung Helen Lisowski Debbie Wren
12:00Lunch BreakShorts Talks:

12:40 The Journey to Agile - Shabbir Naqvi,

Short Talks:

12:10 #MAGA - Make Architecture Great Again - Reda Hmeid

12:40 The House and Pentagons of Agile coaching - Ryan Behrman
- How The World Works
- Mark Allen
Leadership Evolution, Revolution and Devolution - Louise ElliottRedesign
- Matteo Cavucci
Cultural insights to enable success with Agile - Ash Sheikh Effective Teaching part 1 (workshop) - Helen Meek Carlo Beschi
14:15Upgrading Agility – What’s the Next Step - Brindusa AxonCulture May Eat Agile for Breakfast - Stefan WolpersEffective Software Testing for Modern Software Development - Alan RichardsonBeing Agile : Beyond Code - Belinda
Effective Teaching part 2 (workshop) - Helen Meek Carlo Beschi
15:00Tea Break

15:30The Science of Happiness - Mattia BattistonChanging the World or a Passing Fad – What is Agile? - Simon PowersA Servant Leader Approach To Facilitating Enterprise-scale Lean-Agile Value Delivery - Carl StarendalCynefin A&E Simulation Game - Dean LatchanaThe Art of Unlocking the Mind-Inspire People Through Active Listening and Powerful Questions part 1 (workshop) - Natasha Hill
16:30Neuroscience; The Secret to Becoming a Better Agile Coach - Philiy LanderWhy Agile Transformations Fail (and what you can do to prevent it…) - Gez SmithMake Your User Stories Riveting - Seb RoseIntroduction to Lean IT - Philippe

The Art of Unlocking the Mind-Inspire People Through Active Listening and Powerful Questions part 2 (workshop) - Natasha Hill
17:15Farwell drink