Portia Tung

Portia is a personal and Executive coach, Agile coach and play researcher creating transformative change in a range of organisations including the Prime Minister’s Office, the NHS, British Airways and Barclays UK. Portia combines coaching and business strategies with play to bring about positive and enduring change. She is also the founder of The School of Play, dedicated to promoting happier adulthood through lifelong play. into existence.

Portia is also the author of The Dream Team Nightmare, the first ever Agile novel where your discussions determine the outcome of the story. If you’ve enjoyed the Agile Fairytales, you’ll love this first novel in the Agiler Adventure Series created by Portia.

Blog: http://www.selfishprogramming.org/



October 20, 2017
The Power of Emotional Agility – Embracing Change and Thriving in Work and Life
11:15  -  12:15