Philippe Guenet

Philippe has much experience in digital change and technology delivery in complex corporate environments, from Financial Services to Telecoms, Retail, Gambling, Media industries. Facing the constraints of making Agile work at scale in such environments, Philippe has explored ways of overcoming the typical constraints that we face in large enterprises, such as technology debt, culture, organisation alignment or connection between Business and Technology.


Lean solved a lot of those challenges, and the automotive industry offers a template of large scale enterprise transformation. This even led Philippe to go “Gemba” on the factory floor of a premium automotive manufacturer. But manufacturing is not quite the same as the Knowledge Work of IT. Philippe exploring the combination of Lean and Agile with Lean IT. Philippe is starting the Lean IT meet-up London and aiming to soon support the Lean IT curriculum in the UK.


October 20, 2017
Introduction to Lean IT
16:30  -  17:15