Mark Allen

Mark leads the data governance programme at Capital One UK, ensuring data is accurate and compliant so the business has the confidence to make great decisions.  With over 15 years experience working across many analyst functions at Capital One, Mark is using that knowledge to not only deliver on well matured governance practices but is now re-designing the entire data governance function to future proof it and deliver world class results.

At heart, Mark is a disruptor and optimiser – always on the lookout for the changes that deliver big value with less effort.  As Product Owner for analytical system changes, Mark has ensured Agile delivery worked for our analyst group with no loss of service to our customers.  As well as helping the business do things better, Mark has led data analyst teams, operational forecasting functions, analytical project support teams and created a new Technical Solutions team delivering bespoke automated products to teams across the business.  Outside of his core role, Mark is involved in coaching and mentoring programmes as well as designing and delivering Aspirational Work Programmes for local Year 5 children as well as interview preparation workshops for local school leavers.


October 20, 2017
Disruption – How The World Works
13:15  -  14:00