Debbie Wren

Debbie is an action driven, hands on, Lean & Agile Enterprise coach with a special focus on agile beyond software and driving change in complex environments.   She has extensive experience in leading, coaching and guiding teams and leaders to be agile and to harness and tap into the creativity and passion of people to achieve greatness and make a real difference.  The modern workplace is lean and agile and organisations who are able to demonstrate that they “are agile” as opposed to “doing agile” are the ones who value people, place them centre field of everything they do and embrace emotional agility as a norm.   Debbie enjoys working with individuals and teams to help them gain the resilience they need to deal with the ambiguity and change served up by the increasing pace and complexity of life.

Currently working at Sainsbury’s where she is the Agile Capability Lead for the transformation efforts.   With over 25 years of working with lean and agile practices and frameworks Debbie’s  Global experience spans UK, EMEA, APAC and North America in a range of verticals including Retail, Financial Services, Central Government, Telecommunications, Utilities, Publishing and Education.


October 20, 2017
The Power of Emotional Agility – Embracing Change and Thriving in Work and Life
11:15  -  12:15