October 20, 2017

The Journey to Continuous Delivery

09:00  -  10:00

What is the point of Continuous Delivery? Where should you start? How do you know you are making progress? In this talk, Dan argues that the purpose of Continuous Delivery is to support Business Agility, and that you shouldn’t try to boil the ocean, but instead choose one thing to go after. (slides)

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Introduction to Sociocracy 3.0 – Effective collaboration at any scale

10:15  -  11:00

Sociocracy 3.0 (by Bernhard Bockelbrink and James Priest) has its roots in classic sociocracy and agile/lean thinking. Sociocracy 3.0 offers a collection of principle-based patterns for various areas of organisational development. We will explain the basic concepts and look at some patterns regarding co-creation and evolution, meeting practices, and organisational structures. Sociocracy 3.0 is not […]

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Kent Beck’s 3X – The Unified Theory of Software Development?

10:15  -  11:00

CANCELED 3X – Explore, Expand, Extract: is the brainchild of Kent Beck, father of eXtreme Programming (XP), and could be the unified theory of everything from the hackathon to Waterfall; from lean startups to incumbents.  When is hacking on an idea and pushing it to production the right thing to do? When do the disciplines […]

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Manual Testing is Dead. Long Live Manual Testing

10:15  -  11:00

‘Manual testing’ as a term used to describe testing is extremely confusing. What exactly are they attempting to describe? What do people believe is happening? I believe ‘Manual testing’ displays a lack of consideration of the work, thinking and effort that goes into testing. However this depends who is using the term and why. If […]

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Data-based coaching brings humanness to Agile teams

10:15  -  11:00

Empiricism is at the heart of Agile, and yet many of us only utilise a fraction of what we could do to help ‘inspect and adapt’ and see the wider system trends. This talk will show how a ‘data-based’ approach can help to improve team effectiveness through enhancing the psychological safety experienced by the members […]

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The PO Skillset

11:15  -  12:00

Most people would agree that the role of Product Owner on an agile team is crucial to success yet many organisations struggle with this role. The practical and logistical aspects of being a Product Owner are fairly well documented but the personal characteristics are not so well understood. What makes the difference between the good […]

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NeXtP – a revolution in software development

11:15  -  12:00

Many of you will practice Scrum, or some variant of Scrum like LeSS, SAFe, or MoAR. Some of you will practice XP or Software Craftsmanship. Modern software development environments are getting faster and more demanding as the needs of digital business and big data get faster and more demanding, the pace of change is accelerating and software (as Marc Andreessen […]

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Swearing, Nudity and Other Vulnerable Positions

11:15  -  12:00

Over 3 months John recorded over 75 hours of interviews and spoke to some of the most respected people in the industry to produce an audio documentary that attempts to answer the question “What is safety? And why is it important anyway?” This highly interactive talk will present the findings and guide and challenge you […]

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Disruption – How The World Works

13:15  -  14:00

In this presentation, we will look at what Disruption actually is and why it isn’t innovation.  We will see why it’s not only desirable but essential to the success of all our businesses, why it’s inevitable, how you can spot it and what happens when you fail to prepare for it.  We’ll look at some classic examples […]

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Leadership Evolution, Revolution and Devolution

13:15  -  14:00

What does human evolution teach us about how we should lead teams in the 21st century? This talk takes a journey covering the last 2.5 million years in order to understand the influences which still affect us today. It asks questions such as “Why are 30% of Fortune 500 CEOs so tall?” and “Can you […]

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Redesign Design

13:15  -  14:00

Over the next few years, how we design, prototype, and test services and products will change dramatically. We are transitioning from a traditional, industrial mindset of design as a rigid planning process towards the experience of design as a continuous and evolving conversation between makers and users. This talk, based on real-life experiences, explores how […]

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Cultural insights to enable success with Agile

13:15  -  14:00

In this talk, I will take you through a connected web of cultural issues which are common in today’s organisations and need to be addressed in order to benefit from your investment in agile ways of working. We will first look at some of the positive qualities of a well-functioning organisation, such as being aligned […]

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Upgrading Agility – what’s the next step

14:15  -  15:00

It’s an accepted universal truth that Agile and Lean methodologies help create environments where teams are setup for success, in turn enabling their companies to thrive. At LeanConvert, we’re striving to build a highly productive and engaged team while all of us work remotely, from different countries and time zones. It has its rewards, but […]

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Being Agile : Beyond Code

14:15  -  15:00

Agile has reached far beyond its origins as a method for writing great code and delivering systems, it has gone viral, it has changed the dynamics of how organisations operate at every level – test driven product development, continuous delivery and improvement, talent and knowledge driven operations, diverse, organic and dynamic team and business structures […]

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Culture May Eat Agile for Breakfast

14:15  -  15:00

Can an Organisation Double in Size Annually and Stay or Become Agile at the Same Time? Key Takeaways: 1. No organisation exists in a cultural void. If you do not actively shape your culture, something will emerge. 2. Resist the urge to hire merely for skills. 3. Your existing agile culture can easily be overwhelmed […]

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Effective Software Testing for Modern Software Development

14:15  -  15:00

Modern Software Development requires a highly customised and tailored process, built around the needs of the team which creates it and the organisation it supports. Despite the uniqueness or our process, we give it standard names like “Agile” or “DevOps”; and we adopt general concepts like “Automation Pyramid”, “ATDD”, “BDD”, “TDD”, “Continuous Integration”, “Continuous Delivery”.  […]

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A Servant Leader Approach To Facilitating Enterprise-scale Lean-Agile Value Delivery

15:30  -  16:15

Sometimes described as a ‘chief Scrum Master’ for large agile programs using SAFe. The Release Train Engineer (RTE) helps ensure that the overall goals and objectives of the business are met by facilitating value delivery through an Agile Release Train (ART). In this talk, you will learn about the critical RTE servant leadership skills, how […]

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Changing the world or a passing fad – What is agile?

15:30  -  16:15

It’s been nearly 2 decades since the Agile Software Manifesto. Business agility has been tried by small start ups and mega-corporations alike, from government to charities, from banks to recruitment agencies. Agile has been tried and tested. The question, of course, is does it work? And if not, why not, and what’s coming next? Simon […]

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Cynefin A&E Simulation Game

15:30  -  16:15

I’m in the early stages of designing a roleplaying-style game to help teams understand how they can apply the Cynefin framework. The game is based on a fictitious Accident & Emergency ward. The players are presented with different scenarios where patients arrive in different medical conditions and states of distress. The players need to know […]

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NeuroAgileCoaching for Agile Leaders

15:30  -  16:15

TALK CANCELED Do you know how to lead or coach the team, I suppose you do. Which actions are effective and which are just myths, how to understand this without too many errors? Where this knowledge comes from? Last year gave us an amazing opportunity to use hard science to transform leadership effectiveness. Neuroscience and […]

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The Science of Happiness

15:30  -  16:15

“I’ll be happy once <I get this done/I get a promotion/I change job/I buy a new car/etc>”. How many times have you said something like this? We think happiness comes from success, but science has proven that it’s the other way around: being happy makes us successful. Happiness has huge benefits on most aspects of […]

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Introduction to Lean IT

16:30  -  17:15

Many will have misconceptions about Lean: Lean is about stamping cars in a repeatable process Lean is about cutting costs Lean does not apply to creative knowledge work And the best one – I know all about Lean, I am a black belt! Lean is principally about adding value, and the only value that matters […]

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Make your user stories RIVETing

16:30  -  17:15

When you invest in the stock market you’ll often be warned to “remember that the value of investments can go down as well as up”. For over a decade User Stories have been the rock steady investment of agile adoption – and they’ve come a long way since XP called them “a placeholder for a […]

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Neuroscience; the secret to becoming a better agile coach

16:30  -  17:15

Ever wondered why you don’t seem to be getting anywhere with a team? Frustrated by people switching off during your meetings or training? That person you thought had made a breakthrough the next week reverts back to old behaviours? Attend this talk and learn about the basic parts of the brain, what they do, how […]

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Why Agile Transformations Fail (and what you can do to prevent it…)

16:30  -  17:15

The collated wisdom from the www.whyagiletransformationsfail.com podcast. What have 40+ agile folk, from developers to Scrum Masters to Product Owners to HR people, said you should do to help your agile transformation succeed? Tags: Agile Transformation, Agile  Mindset, Agile Culture (slides)

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