October 20, 2017

#MAGA – Make Architecture Great Again

12:10  -  12:30

We’re capable of delivering features at break neck speeds these days. Agile, Continuous Integration, TDD amongst other things have allowed us to deliver high quality, high value digital services very fast. But can those great practices really make a difference without a great architecture to build on top of? In this short talk, I’ll introduce […]

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The Journey to Agile

12:40  -  13:00

It’s very common for established companies to perform some sort of Agile transformation. Quite often this involves hiring a consultant, giving a crash course on Agile and typically Scrum, and then suddenly mandating teams to work in that way. Development teams are restructured and processes are put into place. Does this really work though? Having […]

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The House and Pentagons of Agile coaching

12:40  -  13:00

In this short talk, I will present 4 models for demystifying the context, skills, practices, and relationship dynamics of an Agile coach. The models aim to answer the why, how, what, and who of Agile coaching.

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