Upgrading Agility – what’s the next step

Session Category :  Talk 
October 20, 2017
14:15  -  15:00

It’s an accepted universal truth that Agile and Lean methodologies help create environments where teams are setup for success, in turn enabling their companies to thrive.

At LeanConvert, we’re striving to build a highly productive and engaged team while all of us work remotely, from different countries and time zones. It has its rewards, but also big challenges. While we spend our days optimising digital customers experiences, I got curious about our agility. Or better said, where does our in-agility originate.

Let’s take the classic Yes, but … as an example. It’s a conversational killer, we’ve all felt: its originator is caught in defensive chains, it leaves the recipient confused and eventually annoyed. Understanding the dynamics created by this tick and taking the initiative to create awareness and provide tools to replace it has a mega result on collaboration and creativity.

We started experiments in growth hacking with Pareto’s law,  co-active coaching, psychological models and training from the back of the room, to name a few.  What we discovered is simple: we can engage, collaborate and create SO MUCH MORE! Join me on this discovery journey and let’s upgrade agility together!

Tags: Agile, coaching, development, team