Make your user stories RIVETing

Session Category :  Talk 
October 20, 2017
16:30  -  17:15

When you invest in the stock market you’ll often be warned to “remember that the value of investments can go down as well as up”. For over a decade User Stories have been the rock steady investment of agile adoption – and they’ve come a long way since XP called them “a placeholder for a conversation”. It’s time to re-evaluate what user stories are trying to achieve, what they’re good for, and why so many of them suck.

In this session we’ll explore what a good user story should look like and discover why so many of them fail to live up to our expectations. We’ll look under the covers of the INVEST acronym, created by Mike Cohn to help people write better user stories and look at why, in many cases, it doesn’t seem to have helped.

It’s time to stop investing in the boring, formulaic user stories that litter your boards, choke your JIRA and stifle your meetings. Today we’re going to see how to make user stories RIVETing again.

Tags: User Stories, Invest, NoEstimates