Introduction to Lean IT

Session Category :  Talk 
October 20, 2017
16:30  -  17:15

Many will have misconceptions about Lean:

  • Lean is about stamping cars in a repeatable process
  • Lean is about cutting costs
  • Lean does not apply to creative knowledge work
  • And the best one – I know all about Lean, I am a black belt!

Lean is principally about adding value, and the only value that matters is the one the customer is ready to buy. Lean looks to organise the enterprise in support of producing this value and continuously improving on it. In doing so, Lean is very complementary to Agile.

The talk will introduce the concepts and practices of Lean IT and will explore how Lean IT can be combined with Agile, in support and acceleration of enterprise transformations. For those wanting to further their knowledge, we will give a short overview of the Lean IT curriculum and give details of the upcoming meetup.

Tags – Lean, Lean IT, Lean-Agile, Transformation, Change, Behaviours & Attitudes