Effective Teaching

Session Category :  Workshop 
October 20, 2017
13:15  -  15:00

Teaching is an effective way of helping others grow their knowledge and skills.

If you are a Scrum Master, a Technical Leader, or a Team Manager, being a good teacher can really make a difference – for you, and for the people you are working for.

Think about when you were a young child: you did not know how to read, or to write. Someone taught you. You learnt it.

Nowadays, work requires us to be lifelong learners – to keep improving the way we use our technologies, build our products, work with other people. Having great teachers is a critical asset for any organisation. Be one of them!

In Effective Teaching, Helen and Carlo will share a number of teaching tools, techniques and tips. You will have the chance to see them at play, inspect their usage and practice.

It’s gonna be interactive, and fun. Don’t miss it!

Tags: reaching, coaching, trainingFromTheBackOfTheRoom, learning, facilitation, agile