Disruption – How The World Works

Session Category :  Talk 
October 20, 2017
13:15  -  14:00

In this presentation, we will look at what Disruption actually is and why it isn’t innovation.  We will see why it’s not only desirable but essential to the success of all our businesses, why it’s inevitable, how you can spot it and what happens when you fail to prepare for it.  We’ll look at some classic examples of disruption at product line and business sector level to deepen our understanding of the power of disruption.

Then, we will take a 200 year journey back in time to see what disruption looks like on a global scale and take a look ahead to see what future global disruption could look like.  We will see that global disruption is predictable and take lessons from our examples to understand how to survive and thrive when disruption happens, and see why Disruption truly dictates how the world works.

Tags: Disruption, Product