Data-based coaching brings humanness to Agile teams

Session Category :  Talk 
October 20, 2017
10:15  -  11:00

Empiricism is at the heart of Agile, and yet many of us only utilise a fraction of what we could do to help ‘inspect and adapt’ and see the wider system trends.

This talk will show how a ‘data-based’ approach can help to improve team effectiveness through enhancing the psychological safety experienced by the members of the team.

Google’s quest to understand what made teams effective lead them to study 180 of their teams, and  the conclusion that “Psychological safety was far and away the most important of the five dynamics we found — it’s the underpinning of the other four”

The talk will also show how ‘data-based coaching’ helps to surface and tackle cognitive biases, focus on the wider system and counter political forces. Visual representations of the process and quality data can stimulate insight and curiosity within the team, leading to improvements.  Whilst often subtle changes to trends are key aspect to learning from experimentation.

It’s time to reclaim ‘metrics’ from their often toxic association with governance and provide teams with the tools they need.

How data-based coaching enhances psychological safety

Tags: Psychological safety, teams, empiricism , coaching