“Bet On The Horse Or The Jockey ?” A practical approach to founder and idea validation

Session Category :  Workshop 
October 20, 2017
10:15  -  11:00

Everything we do, we believe in our startup founders and their new vision of the world. The way we show this belief is by joining them on the journey of challenging every assumption we know, making a difference for one individual person and always being focused on the user, no matter the cost.

At ucreate we build startups from the idea on the back of a napkin and AHA moment under the shower to a world domination concepts worth millions. We have huge belief in our founders and their ability to deliver on their dreams. We also “believe in what they believe” unconditionally which means one day we might have to create a Facebook for dogs 🙂

In this workshop, we want to share with You how we “validate” the founders and their ideas before we start working together and how we build a common understanding of the problem and challenges ahead. We run practical games, experiments, workshops, build lego towers and ask a set of questions to learn more about our future partner. We challenge and question everyone and everything.

We share and educate how we work and what we believe in. No matter how valuable the opportunity we only work with people who share our WHY and have the right motivation. We explain why we don’t have a large backlog, why we don’t estimate and why we don’t know what we are going to build in 6 months and why our developers are not “code monkeys”. We share our passion for user needs and not being attached to opinions, especially our own! We build trust and help both sides to feel comfortable, safe and in control. We will share practical examples of our process and teach attendees how to delight their future customers and users while learning, building rapport and increasing understanding.

Hopefully, this workshop will help you to work better with your team and stakeholders to validate future requirements and ideas in a fun, playful and insightful way.

Tags: startups, validation, commitment, options, user centric, lego, user story mapping